Learning a new language can be hard sometimes but it doesn’t need to be!

It doesn’t need to be just boring exercises, incomprehensible grammar rules, and memorizing words.

You can practice a language in so many different ways without even thinking about it.

One of the most common ways to do that is by watching a movie in your target language.

But if you are just starting, watching an entire movie wouldn’t help much.

So you can start small.

Follow twitter accounts in your target language.

Like Facebook pages with funny posts.

This way you can learn the way real people talk (rather than people in your textbooks).

Then start reading blogs on topics you are interested in.

Watch short youtube videos.

Before you realize it, you will know so many new words, and will understand when people are speaking the language you are learning.

With almost no efforts whatsoever.

Check the list of fun resources you can use, and feel free to share your favorite ways to practice a language.